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Renewable Resources Coalition
Trout Unlimited
Eye on Pebble Mine
Nunamta Aulukestai (Caretakers of Our Land)
United Fishermen of Alaska
Nunamta Aulukestai
Bristol Nay Alliance
The Nature Conservancy
Stop Pebble Mine
Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska
Center for Science in Public Participation
Wild Salmon Center
University of Washington, Fisheries Research Institute
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Minerals, Land, and Water

Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Alaska Department of Natural Resources - Pebble Mine Site

Science (Fisheries Research and Consulting)
Center for Science in Public Participation
Tarnishing the Earth: Gold Mining's Dirty Secret
Study of mine contamination of nearby waterways, despite Environmental Impact Statement assessments to the contrary, a report by Jim Kuipers, P.E., and geochemist Ann Maest, Ph.D